Advantages of Tarpomatic

Advantages of Tarpomatic

  • Dedicated remote system that controls all functions.
  • Saves valuable airspace to extend the life of your landfill and help increase your revenues.
  • Utilizes Tuff Tarp, a heavily woven, coated and fire-resistant polyethylene fabric.
  • Fast and easy operation saves you many costly man hours.
  • Automatic covering and uncovering takes your employees out of direct contact with waste.
  • Powered by 26 ½ HP Tier 4 Caterpillar Diesel Engine
  • Patented Cable Keeper system locks crossing cables into the outside pocket to ensure your tarp stays at desired width.
  • Deodorizing systems available.
  • Non-dragging application and retrieval dramatically extends the lifespan of your tarps.
  • Weighted tarps with cable pockets and/or chains for ballast.

The illustration below shows useful landfill space saved when you use Tarpomatic's alternative daily cover instead of importing fill to clever the working face at the end of every day.

If you visit our purchasing process page, you can learn just how much you can save with our system by filling in your current daily cover fill requirements. We'll quickly send you with figures you can use when you budget for your purchase.

You will, of course, be under absolutely no obligation to purchase based on your inquiry, but we're certain that what you learn will be quite interesting!