Using It


  • Check all fluids.
  • Line blade up with the ATM bracket and slowly move forward until the blade is next to the rear side of the
  • ATM lifting bracket.
  • Do not lift yet.
  • Locate The ATM Control and transmitter(handheld remote)
  • Initialize the glow plug for six seconds. Three glow plug cycles may be used in very cold weather.
  • Sync the ATM control box to the Transmitter(handheld remote) and start the engine.
  • Turn the ATM's ignition switch to the left and hold for ten seconds, and then start. The engine has a six
  • second quick glow plug. Do not hold the plug position for more than six seconds. (See your ATM engine manual
  • for details.)


  • The engine and hydrolyc drive system are activated by using either the remote or toggle switch in the ATM control box.
  • Tube rotation, forward and reverse, raising and lowering of the tarp spool, lights, ignition and optional deodorizer are functional through the remote.


  • The drive shaft is engaged into and disengaged from the tarp spool by using either a toggle switch located behind the drive motor, or via the remote.
  • To hook up to the tarp spool, line up the ATM with the spool and move slowly forward with the carrier arms in the down position.
  • Raise the carrier arms when the spool is centered.
  • Pull down and lock into place with the top hold-downs, located on each end.
  • Hold the drive shaft in line with the spool while activating the toggle switch to put the shaft into the tarp spool.
  • To unhook from the spool, reverse the above procedure.


  • Drive the ATM to the top of the working face with a full tarp spool in place.
  • Deploy the tarp by activating the hydraulic drive and simultaneously backing your equipment until the working face is covered.


  • Hook the tarp to the ATM spool.
  • Activate the hydraulic drive and move forward to roll the tarp onto the spool.
  • If the tarp is not rolling onto the spool straight, tilt the blade to straighten the tracking. Avoid getting a lot of slack in the tarp so that you can wrap it uniformly on its tube.